Q: Why should I trust your word seeing as you offer slim to no explanation why? A: Because I know what I’m talking about and justifying myself would be a waste of my time Q: Can I trust the programs and links on your site? A: OF COURSE, that’s why I made the site, everything here has been personally tested Q: I’m using Internet Explorer and things don’t seem to display properly, why? A: Because IE sucks and you’re a moron. Go download Firefox or Chrome Q: Why does the site seem incomplete in areas? A: Cos I’m lazy and it isn’t finished, you should log into your paypal and send money to trent@twcustoms.net to make things move quicker Q: Why is it that you seem to endorse piracy? A: I don’t, TWcustoms in no way condones piracy, if you like something then support it’s author by purchasing it. Q: I have a question that isnt covered here, what should I do? A: Ask Google, email me, or contact me on facebook or twitter