Anonymous takes out pedophiles, hacks sites, posts kiddy fiddlers info

While most of the Anon attacks that have recieved attention relate to hacking various governments, revealing major corruption and various other injustices, this time they make the internet a better place by hacking a child ponography ring
Citizens of the world. We are Anonymous.

As a collective, we have declared war on pedophilia.

Operation DarkNet initiated:

Our manifesto:

#opdarknet - To Catch A Predator -
#opdarknet - additional chat logs of Lolita City owner:
#opdarknet - DOX of some of Lolita City's users:
#opdarknet - death of pedo bear (our 'The Legion'):
#opdarknet - our momentos (legality of #opdarknet):
#opdarknet - The Hidden Wiki crown jewels (sites of CP hosted by FH and others):
#opdarknet - Lolita City user dump (SQL user dump of major site with usernames, CP age preferences, TorPM, TorChat, and BTC transactions):
#opdarknet - A take down of kiddie porners (Our purpose of #opdarknet):

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

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