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While yes you could go pirate things like Office, Windows Photoshop etc, there are an abundance of free alternatives to pretty much everything & more often than not, they’re actually better. Included in the list are some great free apps as well as alternatives to common things like iTunes,that make them look like slow rubbish in comparison. These are all apps I have used personally so any questions please let me know. **US/international restrictions apply to some apps (you need to be in the United States) however most can be still used by simply signing up while using Tunnelbear(listed below). I have got them all working with ease outside the US so let me know if you have any issues. Definitely worth checking them out as you’re missing out on some amazing services. Clicking on the apps name will take you to the developers page so you can get more info and download the right version for your operating system. Ill add to this as well as fix the icons.
Evernote makes it easy to remember things and syncs everything between your computer, phone, and the web
Have access to any file, anywhere. Share files remotely 2GB free storage
Google Docs
Create documents, spreadsheets and presentations online, upload existing documents, store, share, collaborate
Sumatra PDF
Tiny lightweight PDF reader, get rid of Adobe’s PDF reader if all you do is view PDFs with it
Email client, free, open source from Mozilla. Kills MS Outlook
Free Office suite, does everything MS Office can,its much smaller, easy to use and cross platform.
Shouldn’t really need to explain, get pre-release beta & nightly builds by checking out this post
Fast, streamlined browser by google
Feature packed browser for iPhone/iPad, optimized for iOS devices and includes custom swipe gestures
Tor Browser Bundle
Browse the web securely like a ghost. Runs through the Tor onion network, its self contained, comes with preconfigured browser
Listen to over 13million tracks for free, can copy music to ipod/iphone, import your itunes library. Much faster than itunes. . **US & UK only restrictions
Listen to music for free, DJ and rate other DJs up or down. Play through the app or in your browser via facebook **US only restrictions
Record and edit sounds/music
Been around forever & now much evolved. Another good iTunes replacement, imports from itunes, can sync music to iOS and android
Google Music
Free online storage for up to 20,000 of your tracks to play anywhere. See this post for it running on my iPhone.  **US only restrictions
Free multimedia player that plays pretty much everything as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols
Manage your iPod, iPhone & iPad’s contents, no jailbreak required
Allows you to activate hidden features in the operating system
Virtual Clonedrive
Mount disc images as virtual drives
A video transcoder that takes your movies and transfers them to a format that’s useful with your devices. With VLC on MAC rips DVDs
Very light weight CD, DVD, HD DVD, BLURAY burning application. Much smaller, faster and less intrusive than Nero
DVD authouring tool. Can take almost any media and create a DVD with menus etc
Hotspot Shield
Ensure your browsing private, secure, and anonymous online. Can also be used to bypass location restrictions for most sites.
The PC Decrapifier
Exactly what the name implies,remove programs, unnecessary startup items and icons that can slow down your PC
Keep track of your phone or laptop at all times incasse it’s lost or stolen
Log into your computer remotely
Archiving tool for windows
Photo editing and sharing. Similar to iPhoto on OS X Upload to Picasa Web Albums
Basically a free “photoshop” application
System optimization, privacy and cleaning tool
ATF cleaner
Quick and easy temporary file remover
System Explorer
Detailed information about Tasks, Processes, Modules, Startups, IE Addons, Uninstallers, Windows, Services, Drivers, Connections and Opened Files etc
Mac OS X maintenance & optimization tool. Ensure correct version is downloaded for snow leopard/lion etc
Sandboxie runs your programs in an isolated space which prevents anything making permanent changes to other programs and data in your computer. Good for doing stupid stuff and wont risk wrecking your data
Tunnelbear **
Very easy way to get around US & UK restrictions on sites. Simply as switching on, choose US or UK and done! Confirmed works on Hulu, Spotify, and google music (at time of writing this)
Encrypt files, partitions or even full drives,
Bittorrent client
Desktop customization and toolkit for windows.
Ultimate Windows Tweaker
Tweak windows hidden and hard to find settings
Portableapps Suite
A giant suite of apps that can be run without an installer, eg off a usb stick
Decent all round zip/archiving tool for Mac
AVG free
Free light weight anti-virus
Micorsoft security essentials
Microsofts anti-virus, easy to use but not as clever as AVG hence why it isnt linked
Scan for viruses with TrendMicro via your web browser. Great way to do scans if you dont want to have an anti virus program installed
A must have, great tool to eliminate any malware
Spybot S&D
Good to have with Malwarebytes as it tends to get a few things the other doesn’t and vice versa
Advanced users only. Remove rootkits, hijacks etc
ADVANCED users ONLY. This tool can be very destructive in the wrong hands, brilliant if you know what you’re doing. Use it carefully..
The Ultimate Boot CD has a tonne (so many I couldnt be bothered counting) tools to every diagnostic tool under the sun to get your PC working again. Just burn and boot from the CD
Fast, secure and easy to use operating system. Great alternative to windows, especially on slower machines. Test it out with the live cd or even inside of windows
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