Looking to mod, hack or jailbreak your device? Well rather than charge you to do it, here are some resources I trust to steer you in the right direction to do it yourself.  I’m happy to answer any questions and even though I can’t be bothered doing it for you, I’ll still take your money if you really want me to do it.

A few tips that apply to all mods (and yes they most likely will all void your warranty, so proceed at your own risk)

  • Backup any important data from your device.
  • Before you start, read the instructions fully and download ALL software required before you begin.
  • Read the instructions again
  • RE-READ the instructions another time.
  • DO NOT use Youtube as a resource for finding instructions unless the video is linked to from one of the sites below. (Instructional videos of cool stuff are easy to fake and are widespread. You will most likely fu<k your device.
  • If you get stuck, ask questions. DO NOT GUESS what to do or click next, or you may end up with an expensive paperweight.

Any iPhone or iPad (except for iPhone4S & iPad2) running iOS version 4.3.3 or under, just go to in safari on your device and hit the button. Easy as that.  If you use this method, install PDF patcher 2 via Cydia to close the security hole it exploits.

FOR iOS 5.0.1 click here for the 4 step quick guide

For iPad 2 and iPhone 4S you will need to use this guide

External Sites:

iPhone Dev Team


Jailbreak wizard – iClarified

  Softmod any Wii,  play games your games all from a USB drive (Give or take you can fit roughly 50 games on a 320GB HDD) External Sites: – Recommended Guides – Homebrew on the Wii WiiTDB USB loader GX
Pretty simple as most devices can be done easily by using SuperOneClick without much risk to bricking your device. Check out Lifehackers “always up to date guide to rooting any Android phone.

XBOX 360 tutorials including playing backed up games, DVD drive custom firmware etc

XBOX 360 Scene

Get your wireless router some added functionality & security with custom firmware from  DD-WRT

Wireless Routers: DD-WRT
Jailbreak your PS3 to run homebrew apps including playing games backed up to