Trojan Botnet Infects Over 550,000 Macs

Analysis of a recent Java flaw exploited by the Flashback Trojan reveals that more than 550,000 Macs were affected in the U.S. and abroad, according to anti-virus vendor Doctor Web. Trojan-Downloader:OSX/Flashback.I connects to a remote site to download its payload; on successful infection, the malware modifies targeted webpages displayed in the web browser. Being as stubborn as I am, I still believe 95% of virus’s etc are caused by doing people doing stupid stuff on an unprotected, out of date system. On a Mac especially its still very hard and this one seems to have originated on Russian porn, piracy and streaming sites… If TWcustoms has done a Mac update for you then you’re actually immune from this attack as this Trojan basically gives up if certain software’s detected (I always install Little Snitch which stops it) So if you have been to shady Russian sites and never do updates, or want to check if you’re infected then check this page for instructions on how to check and remove it The latest Apple Update for Java patches this exploit if you don’t have it.

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