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Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a protocol standard that allows easy communication between computers and network-enabled devices. This protocol is enabled by default on millions of systems, including routers, printers, media servers, IP cameras, smart TVs, home automation systems, and network storage servers. Recent research from Rapid7 revealed that at least 40-50 million of these devices are at risk due to security flaws in the UPnP protocol. These issues potentially expose millions of users to remote attacks that could result in the theft of sensitive information or further assaults on connected machines such as personal computers. This service can test your router and determine whether it is vulnerable to attack. Clicking the Scan My Router button below will start the test. To learn more about UPnP vulnerabilities, please see this blog post. This service is only suitable for identifying whether your UPnP is exposed to the internet. To check for internal exposure, we recommend downloading the free ScanNow for UPnP tool. We particularly recommend this for business users.


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