Check Suspicious Windows Processes

Windows Sysinternals Firstly, windows process/task manager is rubbish. WARNING: Tools below to be used by experts only. Consider backing up your data prior to screwing around Use process explorer by sysinternals to see what the process are doing/accessing Download the zip file here or just run the app live from here DONT just go killing processes because you dont know what they are. If anything seems suspicious I recommend: Download and run

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Under the what would you like to do menu, select the first option and email me the log file it creates and we’ll go from there. DO NOT PLAY AROUND WITH THIS PROGRAM AS YOU CAN SCREW UP YOUR MACHINE IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOURE DOING Still suss? Download and run Malwarebytes and do FULL scan   Links to the above mentioned applications hosted here (not updated) copy paste into browser

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